Discover the art of exquisite hair at Lune Salon. Our curated services blend creativity and precision to bring your unique beauty to life. From expert cuts and vibrant colors to luxurious treatments, indulge in a world where every detail matters. Elevate your style at Lune Salon.

Hair Coloring

Hair Cut and Styling

Texture and Treatments

Curl Services

Curl Services: Embrace effortless beauty with our expert curl treatments at Lune Salon. Transform your look with defined curls and waves that radiate natural elegance.

Cut + Rake and shake


Wash + Rake and shake


Color Service

Color Services: Illuminate your style with Lune Salon’s vibrant color treatments. From root touch-ups to dazzling highlights, let our expert colorists create a palette that reflects your personality and enhances your natural beauty.

Root Touch Up (Max 1/2 inch)




Full color


Partial highlights


Full highlights


Additional Service

Indulge in Lune Salon’s Additional Services. From detangling sessions to deep treatments, elevate your hair care routine for a touch of luxury and rejuvenation.

Hair detangling session


Hair softener


Deep treatment


Color Correction

Consultation Required. No prices will be given over the phone. I need to see your hair in person in order to determine the integrity of your hair and give you a full range of options available to your hair’s individual needs.